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Ceiling Insulation

Ceiling insulation is extremely important, as your ceiling is an area from which heat escapes easily.  Woollen ceiling insuation can prevent you losing up to 45% of your heating and cooling energy through your roof. See more here.

Underfloor Insulation

Floor insulation, particularly in  houses with wooden floors, is critical as an energy saving device. Insulwool underfloor woollen insulation makes houses warmer, healthier and more comfortable, as well as quiet. See more here.

Wall Insulation

Wool wall insulation will help you create a more pleasant year-round temperature, warm in winter and cool during summer, with less electricity being used. Our woollen insulation is particularly designed for walls. See more here

Welcome to Insulwool


Insulwool uses natural wool insulation  products to provide home heating help in winter and cooling in summer as well as humidity control, sound insulation and pollution filtering.

Home heating may include ceiling insulation, wall insulation and underfloor insulation, all combining to give you a warm and welcoming abode!

Insulwool natural wool insulation is effective and efficient, affordable, and guaranteed for the lifetime of your home or commercial premises when installed by our licenced installers. 

Insulwool were the first to develop natural wool insulation products for the New Zealand market. Independently tested, Insulwool wool insulation products rate very well for their R-values, which is the technical scale for rating insulation. 

Our home wool insulation is safe for you, your family, for those installing it, and for the environment.

We'd love to hear from you so call us or ask us for a free quote for your home insulation.


"Thank you for promptly and efficiently installing your product into our ceiling.  We were amazed...the heat in the house in summer was a problem. As soon as your product was installed, our house temperature dropped from 28deg to 22degrees in the middle of the day. We are very happy to recommend Insulwool to anyone. We trust it will keep us warm in winter!"

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