The advantages of 100% Natural Wool Insulation

WOOL is the only natural "purpose made" fibre that is universally used for personal warmth and comfort in many modern products such as carpets, rugs, fabrics, bedding, upholstery and clothing.

Now INSULWOOL® presents a range of WOOL INSULATION products that are safe to our personal health and well being and to our environment - Especially our immediate living space - our Homes.

INSULWOOL® uses safe natural WOOL because it possesses "high tech" characteristics, essential to perform effectively and efficiently as a home or commercial insulation.

Each WOOL fibre has on its' outer surface, interlocking scales that ensure strength, resilience and pliability, that allows it to bend without breaking, yet return to hold form and shape.

INSULWOOL® is unique in that it is durable and yet is so luxurious to handle, is able to absorb sound, is fire resistant, non-corrosive and absorb and desorb moisture (moisture is not trapped or retained).

INSULWOOL® products will make your home or building warmer in winter and cooler in summer, with increased savings on your energy account.

As these characteristics occur naturally with INSULWOOL® we are able to provide effective, efficient and affordable superior thermal insulation products from locally and readily available sources, that consistently out-perform other insulations.

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