Insulwool® Blanket Wool


Insulwool Blanket consists of coloured sheep’s wool sourced from New Zealand wool product manufacturers blended with up to 30% polyester.   It is supplied as a blanket ready to roll out over ceiling joists or fitted under or between floor joists. Rolls are cut to length when fitting to wall framing cavities.

Insulwool Blanket insulation is manufactured to fit between standard framing spacings. Special runs can be manufactured to order , for example, a roll width of up to 2 m is possible.

Individual Insulwool® Blanket packs are labeled to identify the specific R-value, coverage per pack in m2, material width, unit number or length of material, nominal thickness, minimum weight and date of manufacture.

Insulwool® complies with the insulation standard AS/NZS 4859.1.

When ordering Insulwool® Blanket it is important to specify the following information:

  1. Required R Rating
  2. Wall Blanket or Ceiling blanket as the thickness of the blankets is different.
  3. The standard width between studs as we have the material pre cut to make for ease of installation. Standard width cuts are 380mm, 430mm and 580mm for wall blankets and 430mm, 580mm and 870mm for ceiling blankets.
  4. Area to be covered.

The following table shows a list of our standard products available:

Product and Rating Application Standard Widths Thickness Pack Size
R1.8w Walls 380, 430, 580mm 95mm 20sqm


Walls 380, 580mm 95mm 12sqm
R2.2c Midfloor/Ceilings 380, 430, 580, 870mm 130mm 15sqm
R2.6c Ceilings 430, 580, 870mm 133mm 15sqm
R2.8C Ceilings 870mm 133mm 12sqm
R3.2c Ceilings 870mm 150mm



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