Insulwool® Blown Wool


Insulwool blown wool is a natural wool, lofted insulation, treated and processed to provide cost effective, efficient thermal insulation in existing and new home ceilings.

Insulwool Blown Wool insulation is installed using a machine-blown technique.  This method of installing our woollen insulation product provides a complete cover or duvet effect. Machine installation takes advantage of wool's natural bonding properties.  These properties ensure Insulwool maintains its loft and doesn't shift, giving a superior and long lasting thermal insulating performance.

Insulwool® has developed and registered a unique machine calibration protocol and installation guide, specifically for our Blown Wool insulation.

This protocol and guide ensures the correct quantity and thickness of Insulwool Blown Wool  is always installed. This unique data ensures our final product is consistent and reliable and that the required thermal insulation (R) rating is achieved and maintained.

Only our registered Insulwool installers use the specially calibrated, blowing machines to provide a complete cover or duvet in the ceiling area, to the R rating specified in our quote.

No protective clothing or breathing equipment is needed due to the natural wool

The product density and depth of installation determines the thermal insulation values of Insulwool Blown Wool. We have up to date certified test results, provided by the Australaian Wool Testing Authority ( a fully certified Lab recognised in both Australia and New Zealand), that enable us to provide thermal insualtion ratings from R 1.0 throught to R4.0 and higher if the need arrises.

We recommend engaging only approved installers to avoid wastage and poor workmanship that could result in thermal ratings not being achieved.

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