Insulwool® woollen insulation provides insulation solutions for all types of building, homes and commercial buildings. Our products can be used for wall insulation, ceiling insulation, underfloor insulation and for sound insulation.

Offering as good, if not better, thermal protection as any other product available in New Zealand, our 100% natural and sustainable woollen insulation products come in a comprehensive range to provide the complete insulation package.

As our name suggests, we deal only with natural wool fibre based insulation products as we believe wool offers the best thermal protection of any product available, and our products are 100% natural and sustainable. Our products are good for the environment!

The range of products offered are:

Insulwool Ceiling Insulation

With the cost of energy and electricity increasing every day, it has become essential to look at ways to save energy.  Ceiling insulation is particularly important, as this is an area from which heat is most prone to escape.  If your ceiling is not insulated you could lose up to 45% of your heating and cooling energy through your roof.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach for ceiling insulation, Insulwool offer a range of products designed to meet specific ceiling  insulation needs including Insulwool Blanket and Insulwool Blown Wool.

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Insulwool Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation is one of the first things to consider in existing houses to make them warmer as some  types of floors can result in up to 10% heat loss.  Floor insulation particularly in  houses with wooden floors, is critical as an energy saving device.

Our specialist underfloor wool insulation is a combination of woolwrap and foil fitted underneath the house to provide total thermal protection from any cold air or dampness entering the home from the floor.

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Insulwool  Wall Insulation

Wall insulation will help you create a more pleasant year-round temperature – warm in winter and cool during summer -  with less electricity being used.  It will reduce heat loss even further, which will reduce your energy bills.

Our Insulwool woollen wall insulation product is a specially designed "panel" or "blanket" natural wool product made by combining specially recovered wools.

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Insulwool Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is not just a sound absorber that helps create privacy and a restful environment in the family home, it also adds to overall energy efficiency.

Insulwool woollen soound insulation is a totally 100% wool product specifically manufactured via our own process to provide a duvet effect. 

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