What our Customers say...


"Thank you for promptly and efficiently installing your product into our ceiling. We were amazed...the heat in the house in summer was a problem.  

As soon as your product was installed, our house temperature dropped from 28deg to 22degrees in the middle of the day. We are very happy to recommend Insulwool to anyone. We trust it will keep us warm in winter!"

Fanie and Brenda Malan


“Thanks for a great job last week.  You were all so informative, so efficient, and the fact that it snowed that night meant that we definitely noticed the difference straight away!!! We'll be in touch for future jobs.”

Ursula Cochran, Home Owner Wellington


"Really happy that we went a head and had the fluffy stuff in the roof, certainly does make a difference. Our bedroom was the coldest room in the house (south facing) but now it is very warm and toasty.

The chaps that installed it did a fantastic job and cleaned up and spillages/loose fluff etc….
Well worth spending the extra on a natural product as opposed to the manmade fibreglass rubbish that most homes have (unfortunately).

I will be banging on to my friends that they should consider the wool approach, much better for the home, people and the environment".

Jules Schwass Home Owner Wairarapa


"The difference now that our floor is insulated with Insulfloor is unbelievable. We never thought it would make such a difference!"

B Harris. Greytown.


“Part of the ceiling had existing fiberglass batts but these had been water damaged and degraded so we were advised to top up the insulation with loose-fill wool – covering the rafters and existing batts. It has really helped make the home warmer and more energy efficient and wasn’t too expensive either,”

Piers Fuller, Reporter Wairarapa Times Age


“Many thanks for prompt follow up. Always a good sign of a top business. We appreciate that and would recommend your product and business to anyone who asks what we have done insulation/renovation wise on our property. Many thanks”

Scott Alford Home Owner Wellington

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